Updating the South One Space at a TimeUpdating the South One Space at a Time

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my 'style'?

My style is not important. It's YOUR style! Not sure what your stye is? Not to worry, I have a variety of ways I get to know what lights you up!

The most important part of any living space, especially a kitchen or bathroom design is how the space functions for you. My first priority is always the safety and function of your new space. Each project is truly unique and designed with the client in mind. I design to meet the needs of the people using the space and always consider any future plans for the space, including resale appeal and value if that is in our future. 

My goal is always to create the space that appeals to you whether its traditional, modern, industrial or in between. I do this with the utmost respect for your budget because saving money is always in style!

Why should I work with you rather than an in-store free designer?

That's simple for more than one reason. First, “free” really isn't free. Services from retailers and I showrooms are built into the final pricing you pay on products they sell. Additionally, many of the designers you will find in these establishments are salespeople, not designers. They are there for one purpose and that is to get you to buy what they are selling. It may, or may not be the right product for you.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great designers in showrooms. I was one of them at one time which is how I know this. My main reason for leaving and going it alone was out of frustration of not being able to provide the product I knew was best for my customer and knowing that I could give them better quality products and craftsmanship for less money.

I curate the best products for your project and your budget from manufacturers and vendors  worldwide. In a showroom or design center, you are only seeing options they want you to see and not what's really available. If you are local to the Jacksonville area or a new arrival you know some of our choices are limited.

I feel confident in asking design fees because I know what I am saving you in the long run, both offsetting my fees and providing value to my clients.

How long does a project take?

Of course that always depends on the scope of the design, but plan for the average kitchen remodel to take from 6-10 weeks of construction if you are working with our team. The average bathroom remodel is from 6-8 weeks if we are doing a complete demo and redesign. There is sometimes the unexpected when remodeling which can add time to your project. We do our absolute best to address any of these issues and keep your project on track!

Allow at least a month of actual design and selection time. Lead times can vary on products depending on what you select. I do however have many great quality sources with quick lead times if you are in a hurry for your project to be completed!

I plan logistically so your project will be as smooth and easy as possible. A total remodel is messy work, and I consider the fact that the family still needs to function in the space. I do my best to make that happen. Fail to plan, plan to fail is the key to this. We NEVER tear into a project until we are certain plans have been finalized. Your materials will be selected, purchased and on their way to us before we begin demo.

I know that remodeling is stressful and make every effort to keep construction as smooth as possible. If the space is going to be occupied we make every effort to keep you as comfortable as possible and treat your home as if it were our own when we are there.

Can we use our own contractor or do it ourselves?

Absolutely! Many of my past clients have had great skills when it comes to construction and opted to do the work themselves. A great space begins with a great plan. Not everyone has that skill or knowledge. Some people have the skill and knowledge but have no eye for color or design. Whatever your situation may be, I am here to help.

I provide plans and selection options to your contractor and they take it from there. If you are doing it yourself, I am happy to provide you with a plan and  some or all of the products you need, or you may purchase them yourself. If you get stuck along the line, I am always available to come to your rescue!