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What is Luxury Interior Design?

August 8, 2019

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Sounds simple right? We have all seen those gorgeous interiors and over the top spaces on Pinterest and Instagram right?  The question came up recently in a social media group made up of interior designers I frequent and the answers were so different! This inspired me to think about luxury interior design and exactly what that term means.

Luxury Interior Design, the Obvious

Working for many years in the field of interior design has given  me a few opportunities to design a few luxury projects. Luxury as in “the skys the limit.” No budget to follow, the clients just want what they want and the cost is not a concern. You notice I said “a few ” and “after working many years”. This is not most clients reality,

Fine furnishings, opulent finishes, expensive fabrics and original art is not in the cards for most of us. But truly these are the design  elements that a lot of people think of when we speak of luxury living. Of course it's really fun and relatively easy to work on projects like these but if you are thinking surely this is luxury design, not so fast.

What's YOUR Luxury?

After much thought I have decided that luxury, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Much depends on where you are starting from and where the interior designer is able to take you. In addition,is  your interior designer able to deliver at a price you can live with? Is everyone happy at the end of the project? 

Keep in mind you must have a realistic budget to achieve what you are looking for . This is something you must discuss with your designer. No one can remodel a kitchen for $5,000. (Yes, there are people that ask us that).  I fear that interior design TV has given many the impression that things don't cost that much. Remember, it was made for TV. It's not real, not at all.

Take a look at the bath remodel below. A modest family home in need of some updating and renovations.  Not especially opulent materials. For the most part they were fairly basic. Not too costly. But the client was over the moon! Her words to me, “I feel like one of those rich people!” The  room was her own personal brand of luxury. Music to this designers ears for sure and even more personally gratifying than an open budget luxury remodel.

Luxury Design is an Experience

As an interior designer the luxury service is one of the most important things I share with clients. 

Many people are great at DIY and their projects turn out really nice. But many do not have the vision to see  their new space and need a little help. Others are simply too busy to get things done.

Imagine the luxury of having someone take all the details off your plate. Someone to bring that perfect tile at the perfect price point. Someone to find that gorgeous fabric that will stand up to your kids and pets. A trusted source to get you those cabinets you saw on Pinterest at a price you can really afford. Get that quartz countertop you are crushing on and have it installed to perfection, all while you are busy doing what you love to do or maybe even  while you are on vacation with your family!

Your designer should be striving to make sure you are getting the best possible quality products for your established budget. This takes time and product knowledge. Having your designer take care of the details for you takes the worry and the stress of renovations and free’s up your valuable time for the better things in life. Yes, time is also a luxury!

If you have an upcoming project in the Jacksonville FL area and want to experience the luxury of having someone figure out the details I am happy to consult with you! Click here to send a message. We use the same processes and level of service regardless of your budget!

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