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Selecting Perfect Cabinet Hardware!

March 1, 2019

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As a kitchen and bath designer this is one of the most asked questions I get,”what about hardware”? It usually comes at the very end of the project a long with a puzzled, somewhat panicked  look,  wanting to know about “the hardware rules” . If you are looking to select the perfect cabinet hardware for your remodel or refresh project I have fabulous news!

Cabinet Hardware Rules….

Listen carefully, there are no rules when it comes to cabinet hardware.” Wait! What? I am looking for answers and you tell me there isn’t one?”  Yep, thats right. But fear not, there are a few guidlines that will help you out when you are searching through the seemingly overwhelming amount of selections you will see in cabinet hardware.

Personally I love the “no rules” concept and love all the possiblities and options you have when rules are removed. I know that perplexes some people, especially those that want to get it all “just right” down to the last detail, so I am here to walk you through exactly how you should choose your cabinet hardware!

Crystal cabinet pulls from Amerock

Beautiful and elegant crystal knobs.

Knobs or Pulls?

There is no rule. It's really a personal choice. Knobs on drawers and pulls on doors, pulls on drawers and  knobs on doors, OR pulls everywhere, knobs everywhere. Still confused? I select cabinet  hardware with my clients the way I select everything else, on a very personal level. Its something you touch every day. It needs to feel good in your hand. If it does not feel good the user, there will be a little something annoying about your space and you may not even realize what it is!

Pulls on cabinet doors and drawers

All pulls for this contemporary kitchen.

Size Matters!

I try my best to never let  a client purchase hardware without touching it first. This is more important in a kitchen or utility area where you are constantly grabbing it, often without even looking or thinking about it. It should feel right in your hand, not only right, it should feel good!

Cabinet hardware is getting larger and larger, especially with popular full overlay doors. For instance a 3″ pull used to pretty much be the norm when shopping for cabinet pulls. For most full overlay doors and drawers you will want a 4″ minumum now. On larger doors such as pantry doors, there are pulls available as large as 18″  Make sure however not to go overboard and get your scale out of whack! Larger drawer fronts also will require either 2 knobs, (if you elect to go with knobs) or a longer pull. Find 2-3 sizes that work in the space, keep it simple.

Peoples hands come in all shapes and sizes so that said, dainty little hardware is not going to work for someone with huge fingers. Some of the pulls I have seen look awesome but don't project far enough for someone with large fingers to get an easy grip. Trust me, this would be very annoying to the person big fingers.

It is difficult to select online or from a catalog, especially if you are not familiar with different hardware lines and sizes. I highly encourage a trip to a cabinet hardware showroom that has a big selection so you may “put hands on it”.

If you find yourself needing help with the small details, feel free to reach out! A consult, (even a virtual one) will help in pulling all the details together! You can also find me on Pinterest @designlineworks

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