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How to Create a Sweet Spa Shower!

March 1, 2019

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Think back. When is the last time you relaxed in a long luxurious hot bath? Yeah, I know right? Me too, I think it might have been 1996 when my husband took our boys to see “Power Rangers, the Movie”. Most busy grown ups just don’t have the time in their schedules for baths these days and are investing in their shower. A quick, easy and very effective fix.

You’re Kidding, No Tub?

Yes!  The trend I am seeing in bath design is to nix the tub completely, opting for a “power shower”. I am seeing this in remodels and new construction. I have pulled out at least 3 tubs so far this year, making room for larger showers. There was a time when anything less than a “full bath” especially in the owner’s suite would affect the value of a home but not so with the modern homeowner. As long as there is at least one tub in the home somewhere it is suitable for family living. Besides many homeowners are now opting for other options to soak such as an outdoor pool or spa.

The Ultimate Spa Shower!

If you have the space and the budget there are some awesome trends in showering these days. Often times, (depending on the layout of the bath) we can rip the tub, making a lot of room for the new shower. Many have two or more shower heads, body sprays, rain head shower heads, hand held sprayers, in all types of configurations. It’s a virtual cornucopia for the shower enthusiast who is only limited by budget! Remember, all these gadgets require plumbing.

Today’s fixtures do not create nearly the splash pattern of the old ones so many of my clients are requesting the “open shower” concept. We usually build the exterior walls to a height of around 5” and there is no glass required if the shower is at least 4 -5 feet wide and 6-7 feet long. This is huge for people who hate to clean water-stained glass, (me) and live with others that refuse to squeegee after every shower! For you Northerners you may get a bit chilly in the winter so for extra luxury put a nice heated towel rack at the entrance!

Don’t forget the extras!

Add some niches, they are great in the backs of walls that are not seen from the outside. Shower benches are great if space allows too. Small shower? Add a ledge instead, at least 6-8 inches wide. This will give you a place to set your “stuff” so you don’t have to pick it up off the floor. A bench or ledge is also great if you want to shave your legs and do not have the balance of a circus performer. If you are relocating plumbing, put the controls at the entrance so you don’t have to get sprayed in the face trying to get that perfect temperature!

The Frosting!

You don’t have to select an expensive tile to get an expensive look. If you want expensive and have the budget there are certainly many ways to do that but for most clients I work with, the sky is not usually the limit.

There are beautiful tile choices in ceramics, (which are FINE for baths) and porcelains. Be creative with your sizes. Try a large format tile or even a wood plank in a pattern. You can really get bang for your buck with glass mosaics that are sold on mesh 12×12 sheets. I often use them as listellos or simply put a row or two between rows of field tile to glam it up. A horizontal rather than a vertical pattern will create a more restful mood.

Create some art on your floor, use a flat pebble, or a hex mosaic. Clients are loving the decorative square drains or the modern linear drains. Fill the back of your niches with beautiful glass tiles, (just be sure they are rated for wet areas)

Still Stuck with a Small Shower?

Sometimes there is simply not space to create a larger shower. You can still use many of the design concepts here to glam up your shower. Most likely with asmaller shower you will need to use a glass enclosure of some sort however. Frameless is the gold standard but semi frameless is less $$ and still very attractive if kept clean!

Niches are real space savers in smaller showers too. Be careful with your plumbing fixtures, you don’t want them so powerful they blow you out the door of a smaller shower, (watch the body sprays)  A good plumber is your new best friend when planning a dream shower.

There you have it, the keys to planning your dream shower. Design Line Works is always available to assist if you have questions. Happy showering! I am creating great spaces for clients in Jacksonville, Amelia Island, Ponte Vedra Beach, St. Augustine and all of North Florida!

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