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Got Blue??

March 1, 2019

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Hey….got blue?

Little designer secrets revealed…

When asked to write about designer secrets I was at a loss. Most of what I do is not that easily explained, it’s just instinct for me. Decorating ideas are not a thing I can easily verbalize, I just do it. Then for some reason I remembered something my first interior design professor told me a very long time ago. She said whatever your design style or color palette, make sure to include something blue in the room, “it gives the eye a place to rest.”

 Try it, it’s true!

This is now a small thing I look for in pictures I see. Let’s take a moment and test the theory, look at some monochromatic color design images and you will see what I mean. Sounds crazy I know, but the eye will travel all about looking for the missing color! Now, look for some monochromatic color images with a bit of blue in them see what happens. 

 I realize some people are not blue people and that’s okay. It doesn’t have to be a blue sofa or area rug. It can be something as small as a vase on a shelf, an accent in a piece of artwork, or a book on a coffee table in just the perfect shade of blue for your liking and your space. This becomes especially important in monochromatic spaces or places with a warm/neutral color palette. A small accent in the correct shade of blue will keep you from going nuts.

Now that you have this little designer secret in your arsenal, go find your blue!

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