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Color Crush of the Month: “Mustard” (yes I said Mustard)

March 1, 2019

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So you caved to peer pressure and painted all of your walls “Revere Pewter” or” Agreeable Gray”. At first it felt new, fresh and so on trend right? But now, after the newness has worn off, it has you feeling a little blue right? The Gray/Greige trend is finally beginning to saturate Jacksonville FL, where I live and practice, and it's one of the questions I get asked a lot by my clients. “What goes with grey besides white?

Truthfully it depends on the undertone of the particular neutral color palette you have selected. But one color I am seeing a lot of and loving, mixed with neutrals, (a lot of people don’t consider) is mustard! Much like the condiment, it can mean different things to different people which I will talk about here.

Isn’t that Just Yellow?

Well yes and no. There are as many varieties of mustard as you can think of, but its not just yellow. Its an amped up yellow or gold. It’s a strong color and is best used sparingly. When properly used, it makes a huge statement and adds drama to your space.

Interior Designer in Jacksonville Florida.

Elegant use of Mustard in accent pillows with “Coastal Vibe”


The Mature Yellow

Okay it’s gold, right? Well yes and no. The best examples can be found in your grocers aisle. Garden variety, ballpark, honey mustard, Grey Poupon, Spicy Brown. None of these are shrinking violets in the color world!

Mustard is a very saturated color and will be bold, which makes it an excellent accent color. It wakes up the other colors around it and makes them really shine. If you are shy with color, use just a little bit in a flower arrangement, a piece of art or a rug like the one below.


Rugs, Pont Vedra Interior Designer

This colorful rug is a great way to introduce a little “mustard” into your space!


Yes, but what about Grey?

Glad you asked. Yellow has always been a” go-to” combination with grey and always looks great. But mustard amps it up and brings another level of sophistication to the color scheme. You will need to determine the undertone of your particular grey before choosing which mustard will be perfect one  for you.


Jacksonville color expert

Great use of “mustard” with Grey and Sherwin Williams “Sea Salt” wall color.

If you find yourself needing help, feel free to reach out. Start small with accessories, or even flowers, (they will die, so non-committal). You are sure to find the shade that works with your neutral. Follow me on Instagram @designlineworks or sign up for my email list for more great insights on adding color to a neutral space! Don’t be shy when it comes to adding a little color!

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