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Unleashing YOUR Design Style

March 1, 2019

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We all have a design style! Many design styles have names and are easy to identify but the ones I love most do not. They are a feeling or a vibe and are not easy to identify. Many interior designers are experts at helping clients find their personal design style and there are many clues we use with our clients to create unique spaces that showcase your individuality!

Of course there are also many designers who have a clear style and point of view when it comes to designing your space. If that’s a love-match for you, great, but I find most clients have strong preferences when it comes to design and need a little personal discovery at the beginning a project.


Design Style, It About You!

In residential design I believe your home should be a reflection of you! Your collections, hobbies, passions! You should be surrounded by colors and objects you love! It is my job as designer to be sure the space functions well. To be certain things are the proper size and scale and of course,  provide safety in your space. These are the basics but the real fun begins when I collaborate with you, to explore and discover the things you love (and hate!)  I love learning what lights you up and try to incorporate those things into our design.

Discover your personal design style

Client Inspired Laundry Space!


Okay, so where do we start?

With YOU of course! Many designers will begin with a typical questionaire. Likes, dislikes, favorite color, kids, pets and so on. I find this cliche and quite frankly, boring. I never really answer those things with 100% honesty, do you? You can intuitively get better information by noticing things that are already there. Whether you are casual or formal. How you dress, (most of the time) , which pieces are already in your home, art that you love or if you have seven cats, we will need to plan for that!


Do I have to draw you a picture?

Why yes! Glad you asked because pictures are the perfect way to see what it is you are loving. As a general rule while I am busy working to create the function of the space, I give my clients a little "homework assignment”. Most clients are very skilled at media like Pinterest and Houzz. I have people pin or tag things they love, spaces they love and sometimes even things they don't like! (Its always helpful to know what not to do!) You are creating a “Mood Board” which will be use to find the common threads of what it is you are loving! We use those common threads to weave a look that becomes uniquely yours. What style is it? Who really cares!

If you need help defining your style check me out on Pinterest @designlineworks or contact me for a virtual consult!


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