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Timeless AND Trending Design from Spring Market

March 1, 2019

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During my last trip to High Point Spring Market, I took notice of a few design trends that are “trending back around”! Can pieces be both timeless and trending? You bet! Here are some of the things I noticed that are timeless AND trending in a fresh new way! Whats old is new, right? Timeless pieces never really go away, they are just presented to us in a fresh new new way!

Voluptuous Furniture is Trending….

Upholstery is back in a big way, but sexy furniture is trending. Big voluptuous pieces, with lots of curves and performance fabrics like Crypton and Revolution that feel like butter!  These fabrics are a game changer and now you CAN have nice things! Its all about comfort in upholstery now, a sofa or chair you can truly relax on and not even worry about the red wine spills!

Timeless Color and Texture!

Yes gray was still being shown, but lighter, neutrals like ivory and cream are everywhere! They look great with gray as well and its a great way to lighten up a little, if your gray has been around for awhile (or is beginning to make you a little blue).

I was loving the  washed wood textures, especially when mixed with metals like the one shown below! The metal gives so much sophistication to an otherwise rustic piece! And the rugs….texture is trending everywhere and the braided rugs look so modern, definitely not your grandma’s braided rug.

Washed Wood Textures and Big Braided Rugs!


Timeless and Trending ….Curves and Clocks!

Just say no to the boring wall clock! Huge clocks were everywhere at spring market and they make such a statement as wall-art! Never be late for an appointment again with this huge reminder. I love pieces that function in more than one way. Timeless? Hopefully not, but a great accessory in any space.

Curves were everywhere. In accessories, lighting, accent tables and were especially noticed in dining chairs. There is no better way to soften a stiff looking space than with some elegant curves.

These were just a few of the trends that stood out for me at spring market this year. While none of these items are “new” they are featured in a fresh new way and are destined to remain classics. While many trends are fun to look at and imagine in your space, I always encourage my clients to invest in pieces that will be on point for a longer period of time.

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