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The Harsh Reality of Remodeling, Lets Take the Bite Out!

March 1, 2019

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Lets face it, there are some harsh realities when it comes to a remodel or renovation project. It kinda can be a big deal! If you are having thoughts of updating a space there are a few things to things to think about when making the big plan. Read on to find out some of the obstacles and how to sail through your next project with ease!

Harsh Reality of Remodeling #1….

Your Budget

harsh reality budget

This is both part no one wants to talk about and the part people cant stop talking about. The harsh reality is you NEED to talk about it. I can’t tell you how many prospective clients will say, “Yes, I have  budget but I would rather not say”. Okay then seriously? How on earth am I supposed to help you?

Your designer needs to know for several reasons. Most importantly, so we can be sure you have allocated enough to complete the project. Also and equally important, so we don’t offer up products you cannot afford. No designer wants to create a space that it out of reach for the client.

For most people there are going to be certain things that are simply not in your budget. The harsh reality is that you are more likely than not, you are going to go over budget somewhere. There will be that luxury item that makes the space simply can’t live without it. That’s okay really! We just make up for it somewhere else!

Plan for it!  As a general rule plan for 20% more than you are probably thinking. That’s the average. Not always and not a hard fast rule but pre-plan for this amount and you will not be disappointed (or shocked) at the end!

Projects without budget are both rare and fun! THIS designer however, enjoys the challenges that a leaner budget provides. There are so many ways to get the look you want while maintaining a respectable budget. A great designer can show you where to to put your hard earned dollars for maximum impact and where we can (and should ) save money.

.Many designers offer high end products well below retail and often share those discounts with clients. This both saves  you money and in the end you get a better quality product for the money you are investing in your remodel or renovation.

Harsh Reality of Remodeling #2…….

“How Long is This Gonna Take?”

Harsh realities of remodeling,

Great question AND no two projects are the same! Of course it will depend on the size and complexity of your renovation but there are things to consider to make it efficient and as painless as possible!

No matter the size of your project as the saying goes, “fail to plan, plan to fail. Carefully planning with your designer can save a lot of time. You should also make sure you have a designer you work well with. A designer who understands both your lifestyle and your sense of style. There are three stages of any remodel. Delays can happen during any one of them if expectations are misunderstood. Good vibes with your design pro is key in keeping the process moving along.


The design phase should not take  long IF you have set a realistic budget and have a designer you work well with. This is where the scope of the project is determined, design is developed and selections are made. Selections can take some time and if you are indecisive trust your designer! That’s what we are here for!


The procurement phase is next, where we source and purchase the products. This part of the project is determined by manufacturers lead times on the products we specify and can also be determined by other factors such as shipping and customs. Keep this in mind if you have time constraints and are waiting on products from overseas!


And finally the installation phase! With THIS designer, no demo begins until products are here or on the way! There is nothing worse than tearing your space apart and not having the materials you need to put it back together again. This is where an experienced design professional comes in to keep your project moving along!

No one knows the details of the project like the designer and leaving  it to anyone else to accomplish at this point is asking for delays! Choose a designer who also knows project management and works well with your contractor or subs. Your designer should be able to assist you in finding the professionals you need to complete your project in a timely fashion.

As a general rule you should expect your project to take two to three longer than estimated to complete. Remember when working with various trades all types of issues can arise and we are frequently at the mercy of others. If we add this amount of time to completion of the project when challenges arise, we have already accounted for them!

Harsh Reality of Remodeling #3……

There Will be Dust.

Harsh reality of remodeling, there will be dust

With most decent sized renovations there will be a lot of dust and disruption to your normal life.This is a harsh remodeling reality for most people.There are a few things you can do beforehand to make life a little more bearable.

If your remodel is really huge its a good idea to try to plan to stay somewhere else during the construction portion of the project if at all possible. It’s easier for crews to work in unoccupied homes! They are free to move about as needed and arrive very early, stay late when necessary, all  without  disruption to the family.

When I am doing a kitchen remodel I always to try to find a place somewhere to set up a make-shift “kitchen” for the duration of the project. You know, for the most important things like coffee! Most people find they can get by with relocating the refrigerator to another location. Also, setting up a place for a microwave, coffee pot and toaster for the duration!

Be sure to discuss your expectations about dust control BEFORE your project begins. While all dust cannot be contained a good contractor will have ways to contain most of it for you.  The air supply and returns should be covered and taped off to keep your HVAC system free of dust.  Plastic”walls” should also be up to contain dust. See above photo!

Also discuss a clean up crew. Is your contractor going to provide this services If not, are they going to do it themselves? Do they expect you to clean up after the completion? All important questions and things that should be sorted out BEFORE the project begins!

If this is your first big remodel, congratulations! I am hopeful if you follow these tips and suggestions it will be smooth sailing for you! After all, remodeling is kind of like childbirth. Its a sometimes painful process but the rewards are worth it!

IT IS POSSIBLE to create a beautiful spaces without breaking the bank. It just takes a little ingenuity and creativity. If you need assistance with a remodel or renovation please feel free to reach out  I would love to help you with a solution ! Click Here to Subscribe to my list to get more information on kitchen and bath renovation solutions as well as my FREE GUIDE to selecting the perfect  cabinets and updates on projects I am working on!



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