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Selecting Perfect Cabinet Hardware! Part 2

March 1, 2019

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My previous post talks about selecting perfect cabinet hardware and the fact no rules apply. Form really does  follow function so be sure you are selecting hardware that is user friendly and the proper size! Now comes the fun part! With so many gorgeous  styles of cabinet hardware and finishes available it can be really tough to make a decision so I am here to help guide you through the styles, finishes and places to source the best in cabinet hardware.

Even if you are ONLY replacing your hardware to refresh your space new cabinet hardware is an easy way to change the look and feel of your space. If you have a more traditional doorstyle on your cabinets such as a raised panel door it is probably wise to stay with a more traditional or transitional style of hardware. A more contemporary doorstyle like a flat panel, slab or even shaker style door can handle just about any style of hardware!

Silver cabinet Hardware

This hammered “silver” collection absolutely looks like jewelry!

“Jewelry for Your Cabinets”….

Many homeowners ask me, “should I just go to (insert big box store here) and pick up hardware? Are you kidding me? Would you just run by Walmart for an evening gown?! Hardware is the finshing touch on a great design and need not be ordinary!

You can spend a fortune on hardware but it’s not necessary. Even a medium sized kitchen will require many pieces so I usually look for moderate pricing unless my client has no budget, (which is rare indeed).  There are many reasonably priced options available without having to settle at the big box store! A great source is Richelieu where you will find tons of choices in a variety of finishes! A word of caution, if you are not sure about the size or style, (its hard to discern online sometimes) order 1 or 2 pieces before ordering for an entire kitchen. It's much easier than returning 60 pieces!

The place to splurge on really fabulous cabinet hardware is in smaller areas where you dont need so many pieces such as a guest bath, powder room or master bath. Some of  the higher end luxury lines can be found at Emtek  and Schaub & Co these are a couple of my personal favorites, but there are many more.


Cabinet Jewelry

Little Gems for Cabinets!

Mixing Metals on Cabinet Hardware?

Yes! Well not actually ON your cabinets but certainly in the same space! Many people think that if you have stainless appliances,  everything else should be stainless or brushed nickel  hardware. Nonsense I say, unless of course you are a “matchy-matchy” person. It is perfectly acceptable and I think far more interesting, to mix metals. As a general guideline you will want a mix of two-thirds of one finish and one-third of a second but remember rules are always made to be broken! I have seen several metal finishes presented in the same space but it needs to be done purposefully.

Coastal themed hardware

We went totally coastal in this bath!

Have fun with your cabinet hardware and explore all of your options before making choices, especially in smaller spaces where cost is not as big of a factor!

If find yourself needing help with the small details feel free to reach out! A consult, (even a virtual one) will help in pulling all the details together! You can also find me on Pinterest @designlineworks



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