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So What's a Gourmet Kitchen Anyway?

June 10, 2019

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We all have a different idea of what makes a “gourmet” kitchen. For me it’s a microwave, coffee pot and a toaster. I love designing amazing kitchens but cooking is not really my thing! If you read on you will find there are some basic requirements that define gourmet kitchens, at least in the real estate world. A gourmet kitchen is different for each cook. Here are the basics of what you need to know if you are designing or purchasing a new home or kitchen.

The Standard Kitchen…

Gourmet kitchens are most often defined by the appliances they contain.The most basic of all, the starter level, will have a 30” range , microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator. That's enough for a lot of us. AND it’s okay, you may only need to personalize your space.

If you are a first time new home buyer this configuration is what your builder will refer to as a standard kitchen. This kitchen can be improved upon by upgrading the quality of your basic appliances from the builders standard offering if it is in your budget. If not, no worries, upgrading is something that can be done easily later down the line, after your warranty has expired.

The Builder’s Gourmet Kitchen…

So you are ready to purchase that new house and drooling over the builder specs that say “Gourmet Kitchens”, what exactly does that mean?  Honestly a lot will depend’ on the builder and the price point of the home.

Okay so take your standard kitchen above   In place of the free standing range add a cook-top and put the oven in a cabinet, (usually an over tower) and voila! You're a gourmet!

Yes, it goes from standard to” gourmet” just that simple. Your microwave may also be in that oven-tower rather than over the cook-top. If so, you will have some type of venting  over the cook-top but it doesn't always mean you will have a gorgeous range-hood.

Of course your selections will always vary according to each builder. With most, upgrades are available. Upgrades through your builder will cost, a lot, especially with a large production builder. I have worked with many builders, high end custom and entry level,mass production builders. Over the years I have learned the ins and outs of getting clients what they want at a price that fits their budget. If the sky is not the limit, you need to make important decisions to wisely invest.

Creating Your Own Gourmet Kitchen…

The most important thing you can do creating your own true gourmet kitchen is plan ahead.

If you are looking for a new home with the intention of upgrading or remodeling the kitchen the most important is thing space. Space, as in square footage of the kitchen. Seems obvious right? So many times clients have given me a list of their “must haves” in a kitchen and frequently they need to give something up because there is simply not enough available space to include everything.

Cabinets and many appliances are large and to the untrained eye it may look like it will all fit. Believe me, many of the objects are larger than they appear! I once had a client change his order from a 36” subzero to a 48” AFTER we ordered custom cabinets. As you can probably guess,YES, this was a huge problem. Add to that clearances for door operation and proper clearance from counter to counter, the real estate gets valuable really quick!

Every gourmet  cooks kitchen will be different. For, instance someone who bakes a lot will have different ideas about what makes a great kitchen than someone who frys and creates a lot of flames and smoke. For some people a pizza oven is a dream. Large families love over sized appliances for obvious reasons. One cook or two? We may need double workstations! It's all about your personal lifestyle and cooking methods  that truly create YOUR gourmet kitchen!

I design amazing kitchens for amazing cooks in Jacksonville Florida and surrounding areas. If you find you are needing help or have questions please feel free to reach out. Kitchens are one of the most utilized AND most expensive spaces you will invest in. This is not a space you want to make errors in. You want to KNOW you are making the best selections for your budget. Let's create the kitchen of YOUR dreams!


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