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Quartz Counter-tops That Work Every Time

March 1, 2019

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Quartz Counter-tops are the number one choice for most kitchens and baths in today’s market. Not only are there many choices, they are becoming even more affordable as the market grows. There are an insane amount of colors and patterns to choose from and it can drive you crazy if  your let it. Most clients I work with are not going to be up for replacing their counter tops in a few years when that pattern drives them nuts or that color is now “so not in” anymore. Quartz is, (while becoming less expensive) still an expensive purchase and one that you should be prepared to live with for a long while.


Quartz Counter-tops made simple …

This is my go-to selection in quartz counter-tops for a timeless and versatile look. The one below is from Colonnata Quartz and the name is “Calacatta”. It looks great with any color cabinet, any color you may want for a back splash and any color you use on the floor. I will go far as to say 90% of my customers love this pattern. Do they all choose it? No, not all, but many do.

Virtually any brand name of Quartz, Cambria, Wilsonart, Viatera, will have a version of this in their collections. The brand name is exactly that, a brand. Although I am certain there are manufactures out there that will argue, the process of quartz or engineered stone  is basically the same. The simple version is that  natural stone is ground up and mixed with heat resistant polymers to create the slabs.


The Chameleon of  Quartz Counter-tops!

The reason this pattern works in so many spaces is its neutrality. It has a true “greige” base color with a large  but soft pattern of veining that contains BOTH warm and cool tones of very light browns and grays. You just cant miss with this selection if you are looking for something timeless that no one else if going to hate when you go to sell your house!

The large pattern veining adds visual interest without being too bossy. Its “just enough” not to be too boring. It looks great with any color cabinet I have paired it with,  meaning for you, even if you a paint or reface your cabinets years from now your investment is still good! It is also very easy to pair with back-splash tile and styles as it’s  “quietness” is not screaming to compete.

Still not convinced? No worries, I get it, you want to see all your options! Read my post titled “Quartz Counter-tops That Cannot Fail” for more great selections that work everywhere! But if you want this easy, I promise, this selection will not disappoint!

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