Updating the South One Space at a TimeUpdating the South One Space at a Time

A New Look Does Not Have to Break the Bank!

March 1, 2019

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Redesign that will refresh your wallet

Looking for a fresh new look in your kitchen? You don’t always need to refinance to get the job done. There are many ways which your current kitchen or bath can be updated, that do not require a wrecking ball to your budget.

If you are in the Jacksonville Fl area, give me a call! I have the resources and and the experts to help you. If you are not in the area, read on for great tips to a new look.

A redesign does not always have to be a major expense. Many times, it can be as simple as a change in paint color, and/or new counter-tops. These can give your space an entirely fresh look. A new back-splash and the addition of some under-counter lighting can make a dramatic difference in a dull space. Add some new window treatments, new accessories and often times really, simply clearing some clutter can give you a fresh perspective!

About Counter tops…

If you are looking for new counter tops Jacksonville Fl area, I have some great resources with some very affordable options. Often times, I am able to get some killer deals from gorgeous remnant pieces that my secret suppliers hold onto for me!  If you are outside of the area, check with your local fabricators for remnants or “left overs”. They will often hold these for small jobs. I have done exotic stone tops for entry level prices, by utilizing these pieces.

Add a new sink, new faucet and some great lighting and voila! A new transformed space!

Are Your Cabinets Looking Dull??

Tired looking cabinetry does not always need to replaced. Does it function well for you, but is not aesthetically pleasing any longer? There are many options to get a fresh look. The simplest (and easiest), is a good cleaning and some new hardware. Hardware is like a fashion accessory for your cabinetry. As well as providing easy operation, it comes in so many styles and finishes, you can easily update the entire look of your kitchen with this simple change.

Clients often ask about refacing. Truth is, it is not always as economical as people think. I only recommend refacing under the following circumstances: Existing cabinetry is highly functional (you don’t want to change a thing), is custom built or of extremely high quality. I say this because, I can often replace with all new cabinetry for less than the cost of refacing. Make sense??

There are many things to consider when trying to make your dollars go as far as possible in the redesign of a space. These are just a few of the factors facing you with with a kitchen refresh.

If you are planning to update your kitchen (or bathroom) in the Jacksonville, Fl area, why not consider a consult? A 90 minute consult will pay for itself with all of the great money saving ideas I can give you! Mistakes can cost a lot and I am here to help you get the bang for your buck! If you find your self needing help evaluating your current space, message me to schedule your consult today!

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