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The Harsh Reality of Remodeling, Lets Take the Bite Out!

Lets face it, there are some harsh realities when it comes to a remodel or renovation project. It kinda can be a big deal! If you are having thoughts of updating a space there are a few things to things to think about when making the big plan. Read on to find out some...

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Quartz Counter-tops That Work Every Time.

Quartz Counter-tops are the number one choice for most kitchens and baths in today's market. Not only are there many choices, they are becoming even more affordable as the market grows. There are an insane amount of colors and patterns to choose from and it can drive...

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Timeless AND Trending Design from Spring Market

During my last trip to High Point Spring Market, I took notice of a few design trends that are "trending back around"! Can pieces be both timeless and trending? You bet! Here are some of the things I noticed that are timeless AND trending in a fresh new way! Whats old...

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10 Minute Decor Fixes to Get Happy Again.

It happens to all of us. We start hating on our interior spaces. Life gets overwhelming sometimes and we just let things go. Then suddenly we hate it all! If you have a busy family life you especially know what I am talking about. You used to love your home and now...

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How to Update an Ugly Fireplace.

So you finally found your dream home! But wait, what the heck were they thinking with that fireplace? Don't worry, there are so many ways to fix all that mess without completely blowing your budget!  My company is located in Jacksonville Florida and many homes here do...

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Good Design is More than Just a Pretty Space!

Lets talk about the things to consider that make good design, great design and excite the design senses in your new pretty space!  The five senses, see, touch, hear, taste, (what?) and smell! As most people know if you read my posts, I am firmly in the "form follows...

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Selecting Perfect Cabinet Hardware! Part 2

My previous post talks about selecting perfect cabinet hardware and the fact no rules apply. Form really does  follow function so be sure you are selecting hardware that is user friendly and the proper size! Now comes the fun part! With so many gorgeous  styles of...

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Selecting Perfect Cabinet Hardware!

As a kitchen and bath designer this is one of the most asked questions I get,"what about hardware"? It usually comes at the very end of the project a long with a puzzled, somewhat panicked  look,  wanting to know about "the hardware rules" . If you are looking to...

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Unleashing YOUR Design Style

We all have a design style! Many design styles have names and are easy to identify but the ones I love most do not. They are a feeling or a vibe and are not easy to identify  Many interior designers are experts at helping clients find their personal design style and...

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Quartz Counter Tops That Simply Cannot Fail

There are so many things to consider when choosing your quartz counter tops. Cabinet color, flooring choice, wall color, appliances, you get it. Quartz is a BIG investment and you need to be sure you get it right. I have done nearly 200 kitchens since quartz took over...

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