It happens to all of us. We start hating on our interior spaces. Life gets overwhelming sometimes and we just let things go. Then suddenly we hate it all! If you have a busy family life you especially know what I am talking about. You used to love your home and now you want to take a match to it! Stop, breathe and use some of these great 10 minute decor fixes to take control again!

The 10 Minute Decor Fix….

It took time to get you to this point and it will take some time to pull you out of it. Take 10 minutes a few times a week to attack some of things about your decor that bother you the most. You will begin to experience small bursts of happiness and accomplishment and in no time at all you will get an accumulative effect and love your home again! You need a plan of attack so make a list  and start with the things that bother you the most. My personal list is long, no joke,  stay focused! Get happy again!


10 minute decor fixes

The Dreaded Kitchen Counters

  1. Clear the Counter tops. Life builds up and no place shows it more than our counter top surfaces. Take 10 to clear the clutter and put things in their rightful place.
  2. What island? The kitchen island, (I have threatened to remove mine.) It can become a dumping ground for everyone. Put everything in an empty box if you need to and add some nice greenery or flowers in place of the junk. When they ask you” where is my……?” Show them the box. Do this enough times and they will get the hint.
  3. Restyle your entry way. Switch out some accessories, add some flowers or greenery, make it welcoming. Its the first thing YOU will see coming home.
  4. Rearrange some light furnishings. Often just changing up the way small pieces are placed can bring  new perspective to your space and it can be done in a snap!
  5. Rearrange you artwork. Relocating pieces can be done in a few minutes and we see pieces we love in a  new way when we move them to a new location.
  6. Re-style your fireplace mantle. This can be done so quickly and most times the treasure are already in our homes. Create a whole new focal point by simply trading out treasures!
  7. Roll up a rug! If its summer time removing a heavy rug and going with the bare floors is a great idea! It will lighten up your space for the season and create a whole new look!
  8. Restyle your bookcase. Over time these areas can look a bit haggard. Like restyling a mantle you often have all the items you need already in your home. If not head to your nearest Home Goods or Target and do some treasure hunting to lift your spirits. Its amazing what 20 bucks can get you.
  9. While you are there pick up some frames and frame some family or vacation photos you have been planning to frame. Use them to add to you newly restyled mantle or bookcase. Voila!
  10. De-clutter  one space. A drawer, a cabinet, start with the one that  bugs you the most. When clearing the junk, if you have not used it in the past  6 months or don’t know what is , lose it!

You can do this!

Baby steps, that is what you have here. Perform a  ten minute decor fix each day and soon you will have accomplished a big thing! It does not take a lot of time and money to do the small things, that can really change the way you feel about your environment. Its not always necessary to tear your whole place apart and start over. A cumulative effect of doing some small things can make a big impact.

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